ShyamanthaI’m a British writer and photographer who focuses on migration and minority groups. My stories and photos have appeared in The Economist, The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Reuters, and Buzzfeed. My work has also been commissioned by charities such as M├ędecins du Monde and Women for Refugee Women. 

I started out in 2007 in London as a newspaper copy editor and I then spent five years as a foreign correspondent in Nigeria and India, writing mostly for the Economist. I won the Washington Post’s Laurence Stern fellowship in 2011. I’ve sailed across oil spills in the Niger Delta, chased hurricanes in North Carolina, and explored the world of London’s undocumented migrants for my stories. 

I’m currently based in London and taking a break from journalism to work for migration-related charities, while continuing to pursue long-term photography projects.

In my free time – or anytime – I like to sing.